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About me


I begun sewing when I was 15. I had many ideas that I wanted to make into reality, and after long years of experimenting I changed my path from clothes to bags. Sewing and working with textiles is kind of a tradition in my family: my grandparents knitted socks with their old machine, my dad is a weaver, and my mother spends her free time happily with sewing.


Your bag stores your dearest treasures, that’s why it is so personal.


More main trend-lines:

  • Unique, where my own dreams came true in colors, shapes and designs
  • Folk category, where ethno and folk motives reborn on my bags – from Africa, Uzbegistan and Hungary
  • Afric, which gives you the beautiful vibrating colours of Africa
  • William Morris beautiful textile – classic Strawberry Thief
  • Art Lovers printed bags
  • Iconic print from Alexander Henry

I collect the journey of my bags in an album, with many photos from the happy owners from all over the world. I’m so proud to have photos already from New Zealand, Singapure, Ghana, Ireland, Israel, France, Montenegro, Spain, USA, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal, Nigeria, Dubai, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Switzerland.